Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My First Greens Facial!

I started to say "This has nothing to do with food" but that's totally wrong!!

Even Demi uses It Works! products!
 Today I shared my first Greens Facial.  What's  Greens Facial you ask?  I used Defining Gel and Greens from It Works!, added a few drops of water and mix.  The Greens are a mix of 38 herbs and veggies that you can actually mix in water or juice to get your 8 servings of veggies for the day.


 It was a HUGE success!  The comment from my customer was "WOW!!!" and "My skins feels so fresh and firm!"  You see, this client is getting ready for her oldest grandson's wedding next month and she wants to look and feel her very best.  (For privacy reasons I won't show her pics)

Not only do the Greens give you energy, alkalize the body as well as provide nourishment, it can also be used as a fantastic facial!  As a Loyalty customer she'll save almost 45% off the retail price.  Score!
Are looking to get ready for Bikini Season?  Have a wedding, bridal shower or event to prep for?  Try It Works!  I use the products and I've shared my own results here.  Every party I host amazes me with the fantastic results these ladies show in as little as 45 minutes.  It's as close to magic as you can get! 

Email me for more details 


  1. Gosh, I wish you lived near me, because I would host a party for you!

    1. Hi Sue! You can host your own party! It's such a blast and so easy to put together.
      Have a great weekend

  2. Sounds wonderful but I prefer to eat or drink my veggies - lol Blog hopping from "Katherine's Place"

    1. That's the great thing about the greens...You CAN drink them!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Thank You for sharing this with Show Your Stuff!

  4. Came from the linkup with Bacon Time with the Hungry Hypo! :)This is very cool!

    I'm all about organic skincare so this definitely caught my attention xx

  5. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite things hop xo


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