Thursday, April 11, 2013

Real Results with It Works!

I mentioned last month about a company I've begun working with.  I became an Independent Consultant for It Works! Global and I'm loving every minute of it!

I just wanted to share my AMAZING update...It's almost unbelievable!

Less than 2 months ago I tried my very first It Works!
 Ultimate Body Applicator (the wrap).  
Today, after just 3 wraps (they come in a box of 4) and using the defining gel 
I have slimmed down 6+ total inches around my tummy.  So excited!  
That's 3+ inches around my belly button, 1 1/2 inches above and below!!!
Example of It Works! Results

Not only have I slimmed down quite a bit, my skin is much smoother.  After years of being heavier (when I lived in San Diego), 5 years ago I lost a whopping 51 pounds!!!  With that weight loss came a few unwelcomed stretch marks on my tummy and hips.  Between the wrapping and the defining gel I am thrilled to tell you that they are almost VANISHED!!!
View my pics after 2 wraps


Wrapping yourself is SUPER easy!!! 

There are so many amazing products to choose from!

The Ultimate Body Applicator is the signature product which can be purchase for as low as $59 a box plus tax and shipping!

There are nutritional supplements like Greens, Omega 3 and It's Vital.

Are you looking to lose a little weight with an natural product? Try the Fat-Fighter, ThermoFit or the FIT PACK!

 Are you interested in becoming in Independent Consultant?  Below is a link to a short video about earning income with It Works!

Here's another video from a distributor

Call me when you get a chance!!!   (954) 654-3501

Box of 4 Ultimate Body Applicators

Example of results with application to the neck

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