Monday, May 6, 2013

I Want YOU on my Team!!!

My It Works!
It's been a bit since I shared anything about my results with It Works!  

I'd like to share the "other" side of this awesome/fantastic/out of this world company...Income!  You can check out products on my personalized website. 

We won't go into specifics about what I'M making since that's totally tacky but I will tell you that  
It Works! has made a HUGE difference in our lives.

There are essentially 3 ways to get involved with the products:
1. Retail Customer - full price
2. Loyalty Customer - up to 45% off  the retail price
3. Distributor - up to 45% off retail AND commissions + sales

As a Distributor I Earn Income in many ways!
-Retail customers who purchase directly from my website
-Retail customers that purchase directly from me (optional)
-Loyalty Customers
-WRAP PARTIES - totally optional but WORTH IT!!!
-Additional Distributors

WHY do I want YOU on my team?  If you're interested in earning an extra $300-$30k PER MONTH and the opportunity for a $10k, $25k or even $50k BONUS then I want YOU!  The picture above shows that the average distributor makes $71 per month.  That does not include retail sales and direct sales.  The possibilities are endless, especially with wrap parties!

I blog and it takes a bit of time and effort for very little additional income (sometimes none).  With It Works I spend even less time sharing the products, blogging and posting on fb and the response so far has been AMAZING!
 YES...You can start you own business for $99!
On Friday I signed up a new distributor and by Sunday she had her first Loyalty Customer.  Her "kit" hasn't even arrived and she's already half-way to her first bonus.  Yes, 2 customers = first product bonus and 4 Loyalty Customers = $120 product bonus!!!  These bonuses are IN ADDITION to commissions.
So have I got your attention yet?  
If you want to talk about how to get 
on my team please  
call me!  (954) 654-3501

If you're ready to get started you can sign up at Slim Down With Mary (my website)

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