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Have you given any thought to making your own herbal home remedies?  Do you already make your own?  Below are examples of my own homemade Tinctures.  DIY Tincture kits are now available @
  ***DIY stands for Do It Yourself***
"Kits" purchased Monday-Thursday ship within 48 hours via USPS Priority Mail. 
Tincture kits include:
1 - 32 ounce Glass Jar with lid, 1 - 2 ounce Amber Bottle with dropper top,  2 customizable labels, 
1 ounce of Organic Herbs (additional herbs available) and Detailed Instructions
DIY Bacopa (brahmi) Tincture

From Back to the Basics:

Brahmi has long history in Indian Ayurvedic medicine. It is widely used for its effect in blood circulation that promotes efficient function of the liver, lungs and the kidneys.
Traditional medicinal uses of Brahmi
  • memory enhancer
  • mental and physical fatigue
  • insomnia
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • increase sex drive
  • impotence
  • bronchitis
  • coughs and hoarseness
  • arthritis
  • rheumatism
  • inflammatory conditions
  • high cholesterol levels
What is a Tincture?
An herbal tincture is simply an herbal extract.  Herbal remedies have been used throughout history to treat illnesses and ailments without "modern medicine" and pharmacueticals.  Tinctures are easy to make, home remedies.  If properly prepared and stored, your tincture will last indefinitely.
What is Menstruum? 
Menstruum is generally vodka, when making a true herbal tincture. Vinegar or Vegetable Glycerin can be used (instead of alcohol) but is less effective at leaching out the medicinal components of the plant.   
DIY Feverfew Tincture
Feverfew is actually a flowering plant.  It can be grown for it's medicinal properties or as an ornamental.

The word "feverfew" derives from the Latin word febrifugia, meaning "fever reducer." Feverfew is used most often today to treat migraine headaches. [UMM]

Feverfew has also be used for Asthma, Arthritis, Psoriasis, digestion and Menstrual cramps.   

From Back to the BasicsDirections:
For fresh herbs, chop plant material (stems and leaves) and flowers.  Fill your jar.  For dried herbs, fill half of your jar.   
Add enough alcohol to your jar to cover the herbs, plus another inch.  I prefer Everclear for fresh herbs.  
Cover with a lid.  Shake every other day.  
What do you think?  Are you ready to get started?
If you have additional questions please ask. 
We are happy to continue to provide growing knowledge for you and your family.
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  1. Thanks Mary for sharing information about tinctures. They can be so helpful in many health condition or just healing,


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