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SOIL: Dieases, Remedies and Nutrients

Happy Sunday and Happy Planting Friends!

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April 1, 2015

I'd love to assure you that all you need are our amazing heirloom seeds with their spectacular germination rates.  But the truth is, soil is also important for maximum production and a healthy harvest for years to come.Let's talk Soil!

SOIL Health and Nutrients  

We recently shared an article about
Plant Disease: How to Avoid and Cure Disease

This is a great article if you have had crop failures in the past.

Within your soil are beneficial microbes and essential nutrients. Some soil is more fertile than others which is why we use soil amendments.

If you have access to homemade compost or manure then you're well on your way to healthy, fertile soil.  Not everyone has those things at the fingertips so amendments are important.  You don't want to overuse fertilizers but you also need to give back to your soil what your plants are taking in order to have balance.

First, we'll start with the basics: N-P-K
That stands for Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), Potassium (K)
What does each nutrient do? In addition to other properties, Nitrogen helps plant foliage to grow strong. Phosphorous helps roots and flowers grow and develop. Potassium (Potash) is important for overall plant health.
Derived from leguminous perennial alfalfa plant used for pasture and cover crop. Primary benefit of this pleasant smelling meal is increasing organic matter, although it is also a valuable plant-derived fertilizer. 
  • NPK analysis is 2.8-0.29-2.4
  • Contains trace minerals and triaconatol
  • Excellent addition to the compost pile for nitrogen content and absorbency
  • Roses respond especially well to alfalfa meal
  • WSDA Certified Organic Alfalfa Meal

Organic Blood Meal 12-0-0

Blood Meal is a 100% natural fertilizer that's extremely rich in nitrogen. Provides a consistent source of minerals and nutrients for plants considered "heavy feeders."
Keep your plant soil healthy with this nitrogen rich fertilizer
Depending upon the crops you grow, soil that has been too often planted can start to lose its growing potential. Over time, the minerals and nutrients that plants need to grow and stay healthy become depleted. Blood meal helps restore these lost nutrients and revitalize depleted gardening beds.
Blood meal is an all natural powdered fertilizer that contains one of the highest, non-synthetic nitrogen counts (12-0-0) available.
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How can you tell if your garden has a phosphorus deficiency? The easiest way to tell is to look at the plants. If your plants are small, are producing little or no flowers and have a bright green or purplish cast to them, you have a phosphorus deficiency. Since most plants in the garden are grown for their flowers or fruit, replacing phosphorus in the soil if it is lacking is very important.
Phosphorus is involved in many plant processes, including:
  • Energy transfer reactions
  • Development of reproductive structures
  • Crop maturity
  • Root growth
  • Protein synthesis

  • Give Plants the Vital Minerals They need to Thrive
  • Great soil additive for all plants
Azomite rock dust is a naturally mined volcanic rock composed of over 70 minerals and trace elements that are essential for optimal plant health. The rock formation in Utah from which Azomite is mined was formed when volcanic ash merged with sea water an estimated 30 million years ago. This mixture of volcanic ash and sea water created a unique source of trace minerals and elements that moist soils are void of. Just like humans, plants require many minerals to reach peak health and vigor. Re-minerlaize your soil with Azomite and your plants will thank you and reward you!
  • Greensand is a mined mineral rich in soil conditioning glauconite
  • Contains potash and other minerals from natural marine deposits
  • Excellent soil conditioner
  • Carrying a formulation of 0-0-0.1
Greensand turns dense, heavy clay into manageable soil. Greensand is a naturally-occurring iron-potassium silicate that can increase soil's moisture absorption by up to ten times. Also contains over 30 trace minerals

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If you have additional questions please feel free to ask.  We usually reply to emails within a few hours. 
Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Planting,

If you have additional questions, please feel free to ask!


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