Sunday, May 17, 2015

Growing Healthier, Stronger Plants Organically

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May 17, 2015

Recently, we've been asked more and more about how to grow healthier, stronger plants.

There are many ways to naturally boost plant and soil health.  Check out our recent educational articles at Back to the Basics.

Using AZOMITE and GREENSAND for healthier, stronger plants    

Our featured items of the week are
Both are on sale thru Friday, May 22nd

Using Azomite for Healthier Plants

-Give Plants the Vital Minerals They need to Thrive
-Great soil additive for all plants

Azomite rock dust is a naturally mined volcanic rock composed of over 70 minerals and trace elements that are essential for optimal plant health.  The rock formation in Utah from which Azomite is mined was formed when volcanic ash merged with sea water.  This mixture of volcanic ash ans sea water created a unique source of trace minerals and elements that moist soils are void of. 
Just like humans, plants require

many minerals to reach peak health and vigor.

For gardens, spread ¼ to 2 pounds per 10 ft and spade or rake into the soil. Use 1 teaspoon or 1 cup in watering can quarterly for house plants. In feed rations, 1-2 percent (do not exceed 2 percent) of the feed mixture and mix thoroughly with feed.  
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Using Greensand for Healthier Soil

-Greensand is a mined mineral, rich in soil conditioning glauconite 
-Contains Potash and other minerals from natural marine deposits 
-Excellent soil conditioner 
-Carrying a formulation of 0-0-0.1
Greensand turns dense, heavy clay into manageable soil. Greensand is a naturally-occurring iron-potassium silicate that
can increase soil's moisture absorption
by up to ten times.
There are more than 30 trace minerals and nutrients in greensand, with high concentrations of Iron (Fe), Potassium (K), Silicon (Si), Oxygen (O), Magnesium (Mg), Aluminum (Al), Sodium (Na), and Hydrogen (H).
These minerals release slowly into the soil in just the proportions that plants need.
Greensand must be broken down in soil and is not water soluble. As a general rule, mix 2 cups into the soil around each plant or tree.
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It has become a daily occurrence now of customers and potential customers asking about dirt. 
"Do we sell organic dirt?  Do we know where to buy organic dirt?"

It's official...We now offer
Coconut Coir growing medium for
your organic garden!

If you have additional questions please feel free to ask.  We usually reply to emails within a few hours. 
Thank you and have a wonderful week!

Happy Planting,

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