Sunday, November 26, 2017

Guest Post: Doc's Watch Picks

Hey guys and gals! Mary here and we have a special guest today.  Doc (my partner in all things) has agreed to share his knowledge of watches.  With his birthday and Christmas coming up, he's been researching daily.  Here's what he has to share!

Searching for the perfect, or near perfect, watch for yourself or someone else is a time consuming process.  Trust me.   This time I am searching for me.  The best presents are the ones you buy for yourself.  It's a guilty pleasure.

My requirements are:
Style - Something heavy or heavy looking
Accuracy - If it doesn't tell you the correct time . . ..
Size - About 42 to 45 mm.  Can't read little numbers anymore
Timing Functions - After all it is a watch
Water Proof - Just to be safe.
Band - Bracelet or strap. 
Price - Inexpensive.  Shooting for less than $200.

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