Thursday, November 15, 2012

MIA! Raw Food Friday Tomorrow!

Yes I have been missing in action most of this week.  Work is crazy (good) and I wave a charity event tonight with my Women's Club.  I just wanted to remind you that tomorrow is Raw Food Friday #2.  If you have a raw food meal please feel free to share your link.  I'll feature my favorite!

Remember those  Royalty Purple Podded Beans?  They're growing!
I soaked the beans for 3 hours.  The pic above is approx 3 days.

Day 5! (above)
Day 8! (above)

With a little water and Florida sunshine I'll have Royalty Purple Podded Beans in approx 48 more days!

I found a RAW recipe for these beans at Addicted to Veggies.  It looks amazing!!!  You'll have to check out the link since I don't want to steal her photos.  The countdown has begun!  Stop by tomorrow for another Raw Food Friday!

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  1. Grow, little beans, grow! Thanks so much for sharing at Sweet Saturday :)


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