Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fed up and Tired!

This is definitely NOT the way I wanted to start the new year.  The truth is my kitchen is tiny, my patience at the moment is thin and I've been stressed.

Baby Lucy was spayed on Friday and I was so upset about having to leave her.  Most people just think "It's just a cat."  Not us!  Our cats are our children and surgery is a big deal...Not to mention expensive!  We could have gone to the {insert local clinic here} and saved a bunch of money but the truth is we trust our vet, we are comfortable with her and we know that she will be treated with love and care.

This has nothing to do with food but I just had to share.  I have not had the energy or the creativity to cook or come up with anything worth blogging about in the food arena.  I have been VERY busy at Back to the Basics.  I'm on a serious garden kick...HUGE stress reliever for me!

Here's baby Lucy covered in the blankets (she loves being under warm laundry).  My husband called her Darth Lucy with her e-collar.
Yes that's duct tape.  She is incredibly limber and was able to reach her stitches so we improvised and made her collar longer.

We ate pizza!  {Gasp}  We have lived on baked ziti I made and froze last week, ham sandwiches, scrambled eggs and salad for the last week.  BUT...Not to worry I'll get out of this cooking funk soon.  We might be moving in February/March into a place that's just a bit smaller with a HUGE yard and a bigger kitchen.  I can live with a regular size living room (instead of a football field) in exchange for a bigger kitchen.  Priorities people!!!

I totally understand that my issues are so minor compared to others.  I'm allowed to vent every now and then!  On a positive note...My family is healthy, Lucy is healing and we had a beautiful day today.

Until next time, check out one of my go-to dessert...
Vanishing Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookies

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  1. Your poor cat! I can relate, our cats are my furry babies. I can also relate to room proportion problems. Our livingroom is very large, and our kitchen is just average. Too bad the builders hadn't given this house more kitchen, and less livingroom! That being said, there are people that don't even have a roof over their heads, so I will praise God that my major problem is too large of a livingroom, lol!


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