Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wrap Party Weekend!

I had an AMAZING weekend!  Wrap Party Saturday.  In the garden AND a private wrap party Sunday!!!

The Ultimate Body Applicator AKA It Works! Wrap ACTUALLY works!  Some were skeptical, others were on a mission.  Our first "model" slimmed down 1 inch, our second 2 inches!!!

I promised I would not share before and after pictures so I won't.  However, I can show you sample pics of others who have tried the wraps and other products.

I learned something NEW this weekend about the It Works! Products.  You can use the Greens and the Defining Gel with just a few drops of water to make a GREENS FACIAL!

YES!  No more expensive spa treatments! Tone up the skin on your face AND detox at the same time.  Don't need a facial You can add the greens to water and drink it.  With 38 fruits, veggies and herbs it is a great additional to your day!

Check out My It Works!  You can purchase products or ask your questions!  Still not sure?  Check out MY RESULTS!
This is a HUGE motivator for me to continue eating right and exercising!

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  1. wow, interesting! Came over from MY Turn For US...would love for you to stop by my blog www.nap-timecreations.com...


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