Thursday, October 10, 2013

World Food Day 2013 @ The Yellow Green Farmer's Market

Saturday, October 12th is World Food Day in Hollywood, FL!!!  There are events happening all over the World during the month of October.  Are you participating?  WE ARE!!!

Our Local event will take place at The Yellow Green Farmer's Market in Hollywood, FL from 1pm-4pm on Oct 12th.  This is a HUGE GMO-Free Event!
Me@ the market!  Mary's Heirloom Seeds booth #110

The Yellow Green Farmer's Market is open 8am-4pm Saturdays and Sundays @ 1940 North 30th Road Hollywood, FL 33021 United States

From World Food Day USA:
The theme for World Food Day 2013 is “Sustainable Food Systems for Food Security and Nutrition”. Let's think about what each part of that means in our lives.

Food security: There are an estimated 870 million hungry people on the planet. To feed this many people, we need to increase production of basic staple foods by 60 percent.

Nutrition: 2 billion worldwide lack micronutrients vital for good health. Producing more food is important. But it is not enough. Each person requires more than basic staple foods. Each one of us needs a balanced and nutritious diet. Agriculture must become more nutrition-sensitive, with a stronger focus on fruits, vegetables, and other nutrient-dense foods.

Food Systems: A food system is made up of all the processes that ensure our food arrives from “farm to fork”: how we grow, process, package, transport, store, market, purchase and eat our food. Since every aspect of our food systems has an effect on the final availability and accessibility of diverse, nutritious foods, we must constantly strive towards a healthier global food system.

Sustainability: By definition, sustainable food systems produce nutritious diets for all people today and protect the capacity of future generations to feed themselves. Yet, today almost 60 percent of the world’s ecosystems are degraded or used unsustainably, in large part because of environmentally harmful effects of our food systems.  We can do better.  By using resources more efficiently at every stage along the food chain, we can increase the amount of healthy food available worldwide.  Getting the most food from every drop of water, plot of land, and speck of fertilizer saves resources for the future. And we can all play a part in our own homes by reducing food waste.

That’s our perspective on this year's theme. What's yours? We’re proud to share PERSPECTIVES essays from leading experts in the fields of food security, nutrition, food systems, and sustainability. Please read them and tell us what you think our food system should and could look like. Be it in the comments section under each essay or on social media, let your voice be heard!

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