Thursday, July 12, 2012

More Cupcakes! Bear Paws...

Since I was on a roll making Polar Bear Cupcakes last weekend I decided to try my hand and Paw Cupcakes.  I had all of the necessary tools since I went crazy at the grocery store buying everything I might need (and then some)!

You'll need:
white frosting
Reese's pieces (orange/yellow/brown)
Decorator bag OR DIY using a ziploc bag

I won't bore you with the details of making cupcakes or frosting.  Normally I would make everything from scratch but as usual I was running late!  First, frost the cupcakes with vanilla or white frosting.  Don't be shy, slather it on!

Next, load your chocolate frosting into your decorator bag, or in my case your handy-dandy ziploc bag.  Make the larger circle with chocolate frosting and fill it in.  Now add three brown reese's pieces to complete the paws.  

Don't forget to eat a few as you go.  YUM!
*Update* You can reverse the colors by using chocolate frosting first then marshmallows for the paw. Use small and large marshmallows just like when we made Polar Bear Cupcakes. Cut the end off the large marshmallow and there you have it!

Here's another version from My Creating Spot but they have coconut.


  1. Thanks for adding this to The Purple Pumpkin Blog Link Party! So cute! Don't forget to add a button :D

  2. So cute! Thanks so much for linking up to The Fun In Functional!

  3. I love this! Cute idea... you have a new follower :)

    I would love it if you dropped by and said hello at my blog :)

  4. So, so, so cute...and I know when its hot it is nice to think of cool things...then eat them!
    Saying hi from the aloha friday hop :)

  5. These are soooooooooo cute and adorable
    What a wonderful idea to decorate cupcakes

  6. I love this easy idea for super cute cupcakes. I am pinning it to make with my Grandbabies. Thank you for sharing at Freedom Fridays:)

  7. These look wonderful, you have gave me an idea for my baking class for homeschool coop, we will be doing this decoration. Thanks so much for linking up at Heavenly Treats Sunday!

  8. Cute and simple idea! I think yours looks the best especially the black on white! Thanks again for linking up all your great and creative posts!

  9. They are brilliant. I am loving your cake ideas

  10. Oh!! How cute are those!!! Love the ''fur''

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

  11. These are just the cutest cupcakes. Well, those polar bears that you did last week were super cute too. I love it! :)


  12. So cute!! Thanks for linking up on the All Star Block Party!

  13. I love these! Thanks for sharing at the All Star Block Party.


  14. How, cute! I think your really got a great decorating ideas. And so simple I can make up a bunch of these. Perfect for my sons clsass party, since they are the Bears!

  15. These will be perfect for my daughter to make when we are in the Adirondack Mountains. Please share these cute treats on my foodie friday party today if you have time.

  16. Thank you for all of your positive comments! I'm so happy you like my cupcakes! Stop by Friday for A Sweet Saturday link party!

  17. Very cute! :) My boys would love these! We'd love to invite you to join us at Saturday Show & Tell on Cheerios and Lattes! I know everyone will love this! Have a great weekend!
    Mackenzie :)


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