Friday, July 26, 2013

I won't Sell my Soul for my Blog!

Please understand that this post is not condemning bloggers who get paid for sponsored posts or don't share my same views.  
I try to be drama-free around here!
Rocky loves his picture taken!
I advertise very few products both at Mary's Kitchen and Back to the Basics.  The products that I've shared I believe in.  Sometime you have to stand back and think about whats truly important to you and then take action. We are working to eliminate the use of GMOs in our home and business. 
Read Are GMOs Poisoning our Children and Pets?

#1 is Mary's Heirloom Seeds!  
As co-owner and operator of Mary's Heirloom Seeds I believe that heirloom seeds are the ONLY way to go in the garden.  I do not recommend store-bought plants cuz you never know what you're going to get.  Also...Small business is the way to go!  I was born and raised by 2 small business parents and it's in my blood.

#2 It Works!  No really...It's called It Works and it actually works.
Check out My Results from using the Ultimate Body Applicators.  Also, I use the Greens (non-GMO) and the Ultimate ProFIT Protein Powder (also non-gmo).  The compensation for It Works is fantastic.  It's a great business for anyone to get into.  Call me or send me an email for info.  If you are looking for something to earn a little extra income or a LOT of income this is an amazing opportunity.

#3 Books!  On the Kitchen Tools page you'll find tools and books.  These are links to my amazon store.  Keeping this blog may be free but I spend losts of time to keep it up and 'time is money.'  By purchasing from my amazon links I might get a small commission from your order.  Every little bit helps.

We just announced Grow your Own Cat Grass Kits at Mary's Heirloom Seeds.
A portion of ALL Kits purchased through July 31st will be donated to a local non-profit, no-kill cat/kitten Rescue. 
 Check out the Announcement
Lucy loves homegrown Grass!

I get emails asking to "guest post" on my blog about products or services.  Personally, I'd rather have fellow bloggers with real tutorials guest post here and at Back to the Basics.  With that being said...I am considering adding a few ads to this blog.  I'm not sure what at the moment but they will be fully vetted companies that I know I can trust the value of their products.

Do YOU have a small business or Etsy shop to promote?  Send me an email and I'll consider featuring you shop here at Mary's Kitchen.


  1. This is quite an interesting post because I came here to ask if you would mind guest posting on my blog? Please, pretty please with heirloom cherries on top! I need to take a blog sabbatical of sorts and would love it if you're willing to share or reshare some gardening knowledge on my blog. And I don't mind if you want to promote your seed business either. *fingers crossed* I'm going to have a post about guest posting go live on Saturday.

    Happy Friday!

  2. I am trying really hard to get back to basics here. Your posts are always so helpful. My aunt is an It Works distributor too. I haven't tried it yet, but I know she swears by it. Thanks for sharing!


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