Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Is Michelle Obama Living in "Prison"?

This blog has never been, nor will it ever be political...It's about FOOD!  While some may argue that food can be political (Read The Politics of Food), this is not one of those blogs.
Sunset in Paradise
However, I HAVE to draw the line when I hear an entitled female (person)...living in a life of LUXURY with an entire entourage speak about living in "a really nice prison."

Because it can sometimes be a little confining, living in the White House is sometimes like living in a “really nice prison,” First Lady Michelle Obama said Tuesday, according to remarks sent to the press. source

PRISON in some countries means daily physical, mental and sexual torture.  EVERY DAY women (and children) are sold as wives, for sex and as payment of debt.  They are merely objects to be bought, sold and bartered.

Prisoners do not attend $500+ per plate social dinners.  They do not travel the WORLD with over 100 staff members to take care of their every need and whim.  PRISONERS don't go on ALL expense paid vacations.  So to summarize my frustration I have written a letter to this "prisoner."

Dear Mrs. Obama,

I'm so sorry to hear of your incarceration.  If you feel that the "burden" of living ALL expenses paid in the White House, not having to clean up after your husband and children after working a 40+ hour week, your trips around the world and the little things like grocery shopping...I am sure there are millions of women around the world who would be happy to take your place.  

Do you find it too difficult to bear making ends meet at the end of the month?  Is your "prison" laundry piling up due your busy press and social schedule. When was the last time you had to choose between prescription drugs for your child or putting food on the the table?  I'm sure there are millions of women around the world who would be grateful to take your place.

If you ran a spreadsheet with your expenses and income like we do in our house, you might learn a thing or two.  Times are tough all over and it takes serious work to keep it all together.  But really Mrs. Obama, I'm sure there are millions of women around the world who would be happy to take your place.

Next time you look out those sparkly, bullet proof window of the White House, please remember that there are women out there living in deplorable conditions...being beaten and raped every day as they are slaves and this is "normal" in their society.


Living in Reality which I call Paradise

PS-  I have been a PROUD American since the day I was born!  Have a safe and FREEDOM-Filled 4th!


  1. Wow!!! Great letter, I wonder if she will really get it.

  2. A very thought provoking post, Mari! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  3. Actually, this post comes across as being entirely about politics and your dislike of the Obamas shines. Perhaps you ought to read what Michelle Obama and Laura Bush both said during their joine appearance.


  4. @hypnobarb1...You're a no-reply blogger so I am unable to respond directly to your comment.

    I have in fact read about the summit. My opinion of Mrs. Obama's statement is still the same. It is EASY for each and every one of us to whine and complain about how "terrible" our lives are without stopping to think how "others" live.
    Not once did I attack ANY of their political agendas. This is plain and simple snobbery on anyone's part to be living in comfort and at the same time whine about how tough their life is.


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